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Pet-Friendly Jarrettsville

  • Jarrettsville Veterinary Center- This is a full-service veterinarian that offers wellness programs, spaying, neutering, health screenings, medicated baths, and other essential medical care. 

  • Animal Emergency Hospital- If you have a pet emergency, the Animal Emergency Hospital in Bel Air is your closest 24 hour clinic. They provide critical care, diagnostic imaging, emergency services, and other time sensitive interventions that your pet may need. 

  • Madonna Veterinary Clinic- This small animal clinic provides wellness and preventative care, along with imaging services, dental cleanings, and some surgical procedures. 

  • JES Pet Grooming- JES is a local groomer with over 20 years experience. They have experience working with anxious dogs and other dogs that have special needs. They offer baths, haircuts, nail trims and painting, and anal gland expression. 

  • Lil’ Pets- This is a family-owned pet supply store that carries cat, dog, and reptile supplies, along with some fish and pond products. They offer in-store pickup, and if you live within 10 miles, delivery is available. 

  • Rocks State Park- There are 3.5 miles of hiking trails in this 855 acre state park. Dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash of 6 feet or less and all messes are picked up. Rocks State Park is home to Kilgore Falls and the King and Queens Seat.

  • Eden Mill Nature Center and Historic Grist Mill- There are 118 acres of natural landscape and hiking trails combined with Maryland history here! Dogs are allowed on the trails as long as they stay on leash. Trail difficulty ranges from easy to hard. 

Your Pet AuPair Loves Jarrettsville!

We love the quiet country feel of Jarrettsville. The family owned businesses and the neighborly people make this a great community to live in. The wide open spaces are perfect for dog owners, and Jarrettsville is in close proximity to many other pet friendly towns and activities.

Services offered in Jarrettsville

Pictured below are neighborhoods that we currently service in Jarrettsville.

We don't offer services more than 5 minutes away from our current clients in the area.

jarrettsville service area.png
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