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New Puppy Care

Having a new puppy is akin to having a newborn and it's a learning experience for the whole family! Your Pet AuPair offers New Puppy Care options to ensure success with house training and basic obedience/walking manners.

Because a puppy needs more frequent potty breaks, we offer twice-a-day options to help get your puppy on track. We have found with twice-a-day visits,  your puppy learns more quickly when they can more closely follow your weekend routine.

Our Puppy packages have a half hour window to keep them from having accidents in their crates. This is extremely important and it helps to to keep your pup's training schedule consistent, and thereby contributes to their overall success with house training. New puppy package pricing is for puppies 6 months old and younger.

Also included is one visit with your trainer to learn what you're learning with your pup.  There is no one size fits all solution with training so this helps keep their training consistent across the board.  

Once puppies can hold their piddles and have been fully vaccinated, we start enforcing basic obedience and leash manners; such as sit before opening the door and crossing the street.

Our new puppy packages encourage quick house training and good puppy manners!

In Bel Air Only

15 minute potty breaks 2x a day- $36

Everywhere Else

20 minute potty breaks 2x a day - $38

A Little More...

30 minute potty & play breaks 2x a day-


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