Did you know walking your dog is not just for potty breaks? Below are some of the benefits of having your pup walked by the team at Your Pet AuPair:


  •  Fitness:  Regular exercise aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and will assist in prolonging your dog’s life.  Active joints are healthy joints!

  • Mental & Physical Stimulation: Your dog is exploring the world with every step we take! New sights, sounds and smells stimulate their minds with the added benefit of tiring them out.

  •  Socialization and Confidence: The world can be a scary place for a pup. Encountering new sights, sounds, and smells while also seeing other people and dogs is part of your dog’s learning process. Dog Walking on a regular basis with our team at Your Pet AuPair can provide this Socialization and Confidence.

  • Behavior: I'm sure you’ve heard the term “A tired dog is a good dog”? When your dog is able to expend energy they tend to listen better, get into less trouble, and it makes training easier!

  • Alleviates Boredom: Chewing, anxiety, and destructive behaviors are stressful for pet owners. Oftentimes the cause is boredom or lack of one of the above and they can end up in significant behavior situations. Mental Stimulation, Exercise, Socialization and Confidence Building and Obedience training work together to prevent boredom and most behavior issues.

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  • A second dog may add $2 to $4 depending on the size and training of the dogs and any behavioral issue that may make walking them together more difficult.  

  • Adding a 3rd dog will incur a fee of $2 to $4 if they need to be walked simultaneously (only if over 20 lbs).

  • Regularly scheduled midday walks are not subject to the $5 holiday fee.

  • The timer starts when we unlock your door and ends when we lock it behind us,

  • Our Pet Sitting app, Precise PetCare, provides you with a report card upon completion to let you know how your pup did on our walk (pictures included!)

  • Visits are monitored by GPS for accountability.


Due to the number of robocalls I receive, I only answer numbers programmed into my phone. Please text or email with your number before calling.​

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