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Let Them Sniff: Why Pulling Your Dog Away Is Doing More Harm Than Good

It can be a major struggle when you’re out with your dog and suddenly their nose hits the ground and they start pulling you along. Our first instinct is to pull them back. Unfortunately, over the course of a dog walk, this results in a sore arm and a less than pleasant stroll.

So what’s the deal? What makes them feel the urge to sniff EVERYTHING?

The truth is you shouldn’t stop your dog from sniffing. But you can totally make walks less of a struggle and keep your dog from pulling your arm out of the socket. Let’s talk about dog noses and why scent is so important to your dog. We also have some tips to make walking less challenging and more fulfilling for both you and your dog.

Seeing Through Scent

For people with unimpaired vision, we experience a lot of the world through sight. It is the sense we rely on the most, and if it is taken away from us, even temporarily, it makes the world confusing and difficult to navigate.

That is how scent works for dogs. An amazing 1/8th of a dog’s brain is devoted entirely to scent. If that doesn’t seem like much, think of it this way, that’s 40% more space than our brains use for interpreting smells. They really do experience the world primarily through what they can smell.

two dogs sniffing one another let them sniff

During a typical dog greeting, dogs can determine each other’s sex, age, and health! T