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As Temperatures Soar, 7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

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Across the country, we have already seen record-breaking hot temperatures. If you are hot, chances are your pet is too. Keep the following tips in mind to keep your dog cool!

Remember, our pets need us to look out for their safety and well-being. Canines with heavy coats for colder climates (like Newfoundlands, Samoyeds and Malamutes) and smooshed-in faces (like bulldogs and pugs), dogs with respiratory or heart issues, obese and senior dogs are all at greater risk for heat exhaustion which can lead to life-threatening heatstroke. 

When is Hot too Hot?

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For your dog, it might be at a LOT lower temperature than you think! Even at a mild 70 degrees F, dogs are at risk of heatstroke! (Canine heatstroke is a high temperature not caused by a fever.) Also remember, not all dogs are the same, so carefully monitor your dog for signs of heat distress or discomfort and take immediate action.

7 Tips to Protect our Canines

Always be proactive when it comes to protecting your K9 from dangerous heat. Use the 7 tips below for their ultimate comfort and safety. 

  1. 1. Only exercise your dog during the coolest parts of the day. Live in a humid climate? Always factor in the relative humidity along with the air temperatures (known as the heat index). 

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For example, a temperature of 96 degrees F with relative humidity of just 65% would

feel like 121 degrees F!

Note: heat indexes are estimated for shady, light wind conditions. Exposure to full sunshine can increase the heat index by up to 15 degrees F. 

2. Avoid sidewalks, concrete and asphalt to protect your dog’s paws from burning. Walk on grass or consider summer K9 booties. 

3. NEVER leave your dog in a parked car. Even on a “mild” day of just 75 degrees F, inside a parked car, the temperature can soar over 100 degrees in less than 5 minutes even with the windows cracked open. Got humidity? The heat index is even worse!

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4. Do not leave your dog outside for too long even in your backyard. Extended exposure to hot temperatures can overheat and dehydrate your pup.

5. Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh cool water at home and on walks.

6. Always keep the AC on for your dog and other pets, a fan is not enough in extreme heat.

7. Regularly groom your dog to remove extra hair, mats and tangles to help him stay cooler. 

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Products to Keep Dogs Cool

  • Kiddie pools are wonderful for helping Fido effectively – and safely – cool off!

  • Cooling vests, mats or pads can help dogs keep “their cool” even in their crate!

  • Toys you can freeze with water makes game time fun! Try the Ice Ball Dog Toy or Flying Ice Disc Dog Toy!

  • Make some homemade frozen treats - like pup-sicles or dog-friendly ice cream - or fill and freeze a favorite chew toy for a refreshing snack! You can find 20 easy Frozen Dog Treat recipes here at

  • An Outdoor Dog Pet Water Sprinkler makes drinking fun for your pup by simply stepping on the flower pedal!

Not sure how well your dog tolerates high temperatures?

Avoid leaving him home alone and unsupervised!

Your Pet AuPair: Are Your Pets Home Alone in the Heat?

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Maybe your air conditioning suddenly

stops working during an extended heatwave

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