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Your Bel Air Pet Sitter Celebrates Responsible Dog Ownership Month This September

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing everything right when it comes to raising and caring for your dog? September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, and your Bel Air pet sitter has 5 ways to be a loving, caring, and responsible dog owner. 

Whether you have one dog or multiple dogs, being a responsible dog owner starts before you even bring a new dog home. Realizing the commitment it takes to raise and care for a dog is the first step in responsible dog ownership. 

Lifetime Commitment

When you adopt a dog, you are making a lifetime commitment to care for a member of your family. You are responsible for feeding, bathing, and providing veterinary care for your dog on a regular basis. Depending on the age the dog is when you bring him home, you could be looking at 10-15 years of caring for a pet.

Set Up A Dog Friendly Home

Your home needs to be puppy-proofed in order to keep your dog as safe as possible. Make sure your kitchen cabinets are shut tight (use baby locks if needed) and chemicals are out of reach. Remember not to leave any valuable items, like expensive sunglasses out for your dog to chew!

Potty Train Your Pup

Potty training any new dog, whether he or she is a puppy or not, is crucial to raising your dog responsibly. Take time in the first few weeks or months to train your dog to go outside. Puppies and senior dogs can’t hold it as long, but training any new dog is part of being a responsible dog owner. Have a potty schedule that makes sense for your dog and stick to it.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Your dog’s health is a priority and responsible dog owners will schedule regular health appointments. Dental cleanings, yearly check-ups, and feeding your dog healthy food are part of maintaining your commitment to your dog. Regular exercise is also very important for your dog’s health and proper weight.

Dog Safety 

Microchipping and tagging your dog are 2 simple and necessary ways to keep your dog safe. In the event your dog gets out and gets lost, a tag and microchip will get him home fast! Another part of dog safety is having the right type of leash or harness for your dog. Make sure it fits, can’t slide off, and is the right type of harness or leash for your dog’s breed. 

Being a Bel Air pet sitter, the responsibility of owning a dog (or any pet) is something to take very seriously. Being a dog owner is a huge responsibility that one shouldn’t take lightly. If you are considering adding a new family member, please keep in mind the life-long commitment it takes to care for a dog. Contact us HERE for pet sitting in Bel Air today!

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