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Is CBD Good or Bad for Your Dog?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

IS CBD good to bad for your dog?

Can CBD really support your dog’s best

well-being and positively address chronic health issues?

Keep reading to learn more.

From edibles to pills, oral sprays to tinctures (concentrated liquid extracts taken orally), balms, salves, topicals and now vaping, the choices of CBD products are almost endless for not only humans but our pets as well.  

But bottom line, IS CBD good for our dogs? Or is it just overblown hype when it comes to health benefits? As with any health treatment or therapeutic option, it’s critical to do your due diligence to ensure the best and safest results for your pet.

The ABC’s of CBD

First, it’s critical to have a clear understanding of the basics: 

CBD is NOT marijuana.

CBD is created from hemp, a variety of the Cannabis plant which contains negligible THC (less than 0.03%). THC is the psychoactive ingredient that creates the “high” or euphoria.

Your pet will not get “high” from CBD.

CBD is all-natural and does not have harmful side effects. Reported side effects have been largely limited to sleepiness and sedation.

What You Need to Know When Giving CBD

Every dog is different and results will vary with their specific:



Overall health; and


Remember, less is more when it comes to administering CBD. Start small and slowly increase until the desired effects are achieved. Tinctures are the easiest and safest form for controlling the exact dosage given to your dog. 

(Dosages included for healthy dogs and those with health issues.)

CBD Health Benefits for Dogs

Anti-social or aggressive behaviors

Anxiety, fears and phobias

Arthritis, joint pain and mobility issues

Cancers (by inhibiting cancer cell reproduction)

Cardiovascular health


Digestive issues and/or lack of appetite

Enhanced healing and recovery from surgery or illness

Excessive barking and/or whining


Immune support

Inflammation and skin issues

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Lack of energy

Liver disease

Muscle spasms


Pain Relief

Seizures, epilepsy

Stressful trips to the vet or groomer

CBD Products: The Must-Haves

The CBD market is unregulated and can be the “Wild West” when sorting through all the claims and slick marketing campaigns. Keep in mind, not all hemp products are the same. Always read the labels carefully.

According to the Dogs Naturally Magazine, here is what you need to look for on a CBD product label:

Full or Broad-Spectrum Hemp

This means the product contains a wide range of healthy cannabinoids.

If the CBD is listed as an “isolate” stay away! (Product will be lacking in some important and beneficial cannabinoids.)

Made with CO2 Extraction

This is an expensive, but more effective, process producing higher concentrations of CBD which means more health benefits for your dog.

A Certificate of Analysis (COA):

If the COA is missing, do not use the product!

Each CBD batch will have its own COA for quality control.

Check it’s the same amount of CBD as advertised on the label.

Check the percentage of THC:

More than the legal 0.03%: it’s probably marijuana and should not be given to your dog.

If it says No THC, it’s the isolate form which should be avoided (see #1 above).

Only use CBD products which are:

Grown and made in the USA

Organic and all-natural with no contaminants (including artificial flavors and/or preservatives)

100% Human-Grade with 100% Hempseed Oil/Extract

Tested by an independent, third-party lab (not the manufacturer).

NOTE: Always work with your veterinarian when trying any new product. If your vet is not a holistic veterinarian, you can check the AHVMA’s website to find one near you.  

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