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Walking Dogs in Bel Air? Be safe With These Essential Tips!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Bel Air dog walker
Dog walking tips

Whether you’re walking your own dog or walking many dogs

for a living, it’s important to always do it safely!

From the choice of a leash to the routes you choose to walk while making sure someone knows where you’re going, the dog walking safety tips below will keep both you and your canine companion safe!

Fallston dog walker
Use the proper dog walking equipment

Use the Proper Equipment

Did you know that local laws often dictate the maximum length of a leash? Make sure you know what your locality allows when it comes to the legal leash length.

Always use leashes, collars, gentle leaders - or other walking gear – that:

You know how to properly use;

The dog is used to wearing for their walks;

Is in good working condition without tears or missing pieces; properly fits the dog you are walking; and serves the right purpose for each dog. Using the proper equipment will help make your walk stress-free and safer for you and your K9. 

Forest Hill Dog Walker
Safety in Numbers while dog walking

Safety in Numbers

Are you walking in a new neighborhood, a brand-new route or even a hiking trail? Remember, there is “safety in numbers.” Ask a neighbor, co-worker, friend or family member to go with you on new routes to protect both you and your dog from unforeseen dangers. 

Always hike with other people to help ward off bears or other predatory wildlife and for support in the event of an emergency or injury. 

Always Be Seen

When walking your canine in bad weather or in the dark, make it easy for others to see you at a distance. Wear reflective clothing or LED lights and outfit your dog with a reflective leash, collar or harness. Carrying a flashlight can also warn drivers of your presence. Make sure you are both easily visible to drivers, bikers and even other pedestrians no matter the weather or time of day.

Know Your Dog and their Limitations

Old, very young or overweight dogs may need a modified exercise program; check with their vet first.

Start with leisurely and short walks and work up to longer distances. 

Always carry plenty of fresh water with you to avoid dehydration, heat exhaustion and/or heatstroke for the dog.

During hotter months, walk during the coolest parts of the day. Walk at an easier pace on grass or dirt (to protect sensitive pads) and make sure your dog drinks plenty of water before, during and after.

Abingdon Dog Walker
Know your dog's limitations

Know Your Own Limitations

If you’re walking more than one dog, know your limitations

For example:

Can you handle a dog that loves to pull? 

Are you comfortable with walking large and giant breeds?

Can you handle a dog with a strong prey drive that loves to chase?

Are you walking dogs with similar walking needs and exercise levels?

And finally, always limit the number of dogs you can handle safely no matter what happens.

When you know your own limitations along with the personalities and traits of the dogs you are walking, you will be able to minimize risks and maximize safety for both you and the dogs in your charge.

Churchville dog walker
Know your own limitations

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