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Finding the Best Pet Sitter in Bel Air

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Ready to take that long-awaited vacation? Putting in long hours at work? Unsure if your pet is enjoying their day? You’re eventually going to need a pet sitter. Whether you’re welcoming a new pet into your home, or have been a pet owner for years. We all know that our furry friends need care. But what can you expect from a pet sitter?

Let’s explore some expectations for your pet sitter and for yourself:

A flexible schedule is a must

If your pet sitter works a full-time job like you, how will you know that they can be available when you need them? Making sure your pet sitter is flexible is important. This is true for family emergencies, last-minute business trips, or anything of the sort. They can’t be flexible with scheduling when to care for your pet? Then you won’t get the 100% of care for your pet that you would expect. That is why it is important to know they can be flexible for your needs.

A reliable pet caretaker

Are you 100% confident that your pet sitter will be there when you need them? Before I started Your Pet AuPair, I heard stories from my fellow animal loving friends. The sitter left them hanging when they needed help the most. Communicating availability is crucial. Address your questions and concerns before giving your pet sitter the responsibility.

Friendship with you and your Pets

You don’t want to hand your precious pets to just anyone. That’s why having a furry friendly connection is key. You want to communicate with ease to your pet sitter and make sure there is a friendship established. I wouldn’t trust anyone who doesn’t see the same joy in connecting with my pet. You’ll know after one or two visits that this is the right pet sitter for you. This is where trust gets built and they start to bond with your pet. This is especially true if any emergencies should arise. You’d want them to provide the same care you’d give your pet.

Experience is key

Is your pet sitter a pet owner? How many years have they been walking or sitting for pets? Are they cat sitters? Dog sitters? Or both? That’s something you should know before meeting your pet sitter. You should be using a pet sitter who is upfront with his or her experience with different pets. You wouldn’t hand your children off to someone who’s never interacted with a three-year-old. Think of it that way. Your furry family members deserve the same kind of care in a pet sitter.

Communicate with your pet sitter

Your pet sitter is going to ask questions to gauge the level of care your precious pet may need. Be sure to be upfront with any allergies, special pet food, or medications they need. If your pooch can’t sleep without their Teddy, how else are they going to know? Keep the lines of communication open. Any surprises or hurdles upon their first pet sitting will be handled with great love and care.

Ready to find a pet sitter?

Hiring a pet sitter in Bel Air isn’t hard to do. It will free you from the stress from finding someone random or without much flexibility and time on their hands. Be sure to keep these expectations in mind when you are looking for a pet sitter. Ultimately, it comes down to how well your pet does with your sitter and keeping those lines of communication open. This way, you won’t have to worry about your precious pet while away. Good luck!

If you are in the Bel Air area, please feel free to explore my pet sitting services – I would love to stay in touch!

Bel Air Pet Sitter

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