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What to Include in Your Pet First Aid Kit

Items to Include in a Pet First Aid Kit

Being a pet parent or pet sitter is a rewarding experience full of tail-wagging fun, but what should you do if the pet in your care becomes ill or injured? These situations can happen at any time and being ready for them is crucial to your dog or cat’s health and well-being. One great way to be prepared for an unexpected pet emergency is to keep a Pet First Aid kit.

This National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, we have compiled a list that features all the essential items you should include in a Pet First Aid kit. If equipped with the following products, you will be able to treat a wide range of issues—helping your furry

friend as best you can!

Here is what to put inside your Pet First Aid kit:

#1. Gauze and Self Adhering Bandages and adhesive tape

Gauze and non-adhesive bandages can help to control bleeding and cover your pet’s wounds. Unlike adhesive human bandages, these items will not stick to your pet’s fur.

#2. OTC Antibiotic ointment

Apply to wounds prior to bandaging to protect against bacterial infections.

#3. Blunt-Tip Scissors