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Why You Need A Professional Pet Sitter In Bel Air, MD

If you’re lucky enough to live in Bel Air, Maryland and the surrounding area, then you know it’s a super pet friendly area. If you have a dog and you love the outdoors, then it’s really a dream come true. Sometimes though, life gets in the way, and we just can’t take our pets everywhere with us. Longer work hours, business trips, family emergencies, some situations just aren’t pet friendly.

What do you do if you have to leave your pet? Boarding is an option, but it can be scary for your pet, and they won’t understand why you left them in a strange place. You could ask the kid down the street, but can you really trust his mom as a reference? You know your trusted friends are just as busy as you are. What is a pet parent to do?

You get a professional pet sitter of course! There are numerous reasons why hiring a pet sitter is a great idea, whether it's just for walks during the day or an extended stay at your home. Let’s get down to business and talk about why you need a professional pet sitter.

You Need a Professional Pet Sitter if You Have a Puppy

If you've recently added a new puppy into the mix, then you’re in a transitional period. Your puppy is in a really important stage of life. They’re learning to socialize while also learning the ins and outs of potty training. Thankfully, a professional pet sitter will make that transition go more smoothly for you and your puppy.

A pet sitter will help your puppy get used to other people and helps make potty training much easier on you. Instead of resorting to puppy pads, since a puppy's bladder still isn’t fully developed, your puppy will be able to go outside to relieve himself, which will help keep potty training on track.

Prevent Boredom in Your Dog

In a perfect world, you could work from home when you wanted or have a flexible schedule that allowed you to spend plenty of time with your pet during the week. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the reality for most of us, and if we do work from home, we can't always give our pets the attention they need.

That’s where a pet sitter comes in. They can walk your dog and give them a chance to exercise and relieve themselves. If you have a feline companion, a professional pet sitter can give them some playtime and cuddles.

cat rub pet sitter taking care of cat professional pet sitter Bel Air, MD

Some exercise and attention while you’re gone during the day, gives your pet a chance to get the wiggles out. This can help prevent destructive behaviors caused by being alone all day. You can read all about the (often lesser-known) benefits of having a regular dog walker here.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable While You’re Away

Being boarded can be traumatic for your pet. They’re in a strange place, with strange smells and sounds, and people they don’t recognize. Some pets may handle it better than others, but ideally, wouldn’t you rather your pet be comfortable at home?

Hiring a professional pet sitter means your pet can be happy at home. You won’t have to worry about the anxiety they may be suffering from while being boarded. With a professional pet sitter, you know that your cats and dogs will be loved on, the litter will be clean, and they will receive one on one attention they can’t get in a kennel.

Exotic Pets Need Professional Pet Sitting Too

If you have birds, reptiles, ferrets, or an exotic pet, it might be tricky to find someone to care for them. There aren’t many kennels that accept exotics, and you can’t trust an inexperienced friend or neighbor with pets that need specialized care.

A professional sitter with exotics training is just what you need! They will know if there are any problems in your reptile’s habitats, such as burned-out lights. They can make sure your ferret doesn’t pull a disappearing act and Houdini out of their cage. Your exotics deserve as much care as cats and dogs, and a qualified pet sitter will be able to provide that knowledgeable, experienced care.

Keep Your Home Secure While Away

A quiet house can look very tempting to burglars. A pet sitter coming and going a few times a day will make your house a much less tempting target. Some sitters (like Your Pet AuPair!) will bring in your mail, turn on lights, and make sure all your doors and windows are secure. All these things help your house look lived in and signal people with bad intentions to move along.

Professional Pet Sitters are Trained For Emergencies

Of course, you don’t want to think of anything bad happening to your pet while you’re away. But unfortunately, emergencies happen, your pet could get into something, they could have an accident, or if you have a senior, they may have an unexpected health problem flare-up. This is why it’s best to have someone who knows what to do and has protocols in place.

black pug dog walk professional dog walker Bel Air, MD

A professional pet sitter should be certified in first-aid and pet CPR. They’ll have all your pet’s details on file and will know who your veterinarian is and if your pet is on any medications. A professional pet sitter will be able to respond to an emergency with a level head and make sure your pet gets the care they need and that you are notified as quickly as possible.

How Do You Choose a Professional Pet Sitter?

So how do you choose the right pet sitter? Ask around, find out who your friends use, and trust. Make sure they’re insured and bonded and check their credentials. Don’t trust someone just because they claim to be a professional. It’s okay to ask questions, and you should feel comfortable with the person who will be in your home caring for your pet. Check out our blog about finding a pet sitter for more information on how to make the right choice.

With so many reasons to hire a pet sitter, why not reach out to one today? Your Pet AuPair is a professional pet sitting business here in Bel Air, Maryland. We are insured, bonded, first-aid certified, CPR certified, and all employees are background checked. We service Bel Air, Forest Hill, Abingdon, Fallston, Churchville, Belcamp, Joppa, and Jarrettsville! Check out our services page to find out more about what we offer, and send us an email! We’d love to learn more about your pet!

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